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and the other story, the irs story that the president also reacted to very strongly and with very sharp language. all ahead this hour. but this is one of those news days when the news was breaking like waves in the ocean. just one thing after the other. the largest late breaking wave of news today was about the associated press. it is a story that both broken by the "associated press," and it is a story about them, as well. in what seems to be an unprecedented action, the department of justice has written to the "associated press" informing them that the justice department has been spying on their reporters. in a big widespread open-ended way in the "a.p." got no notice about until receiving the letter. specifically the justice department says it secretly obtained two months worth of phone records for more than 20 "a.p." phone lines. includes the main a.p. numbers in washington, d.c. and hartford, connecticut, as well as the a.p. officer for reporters who cover the house of representatives. and it covers the work phone numbers and the personal phone numbers for five "a.p." reporters and their ed
new stories and breaking news. jon: there is new fallout from the irs scandal. because of his political beliefs. members want to testify before congress. ambassador john bolton weighs in with that. >>> plus a murder trial getting underway for a so-called female james bond accuse of killing an aspiring model. is all "happening now." jon: but, first, bombshell revelations on this wednesday. in a new inspector general's report about the irs unit that targeted tea party and other conservative groups. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. the report blaming so-called, first line management for the problem, allowing irs workers to create a quote, be on the lookout list, targeting hundreds of conservative groups resulting for substantial delays for them. holding up their applications for tax-exempt status for years in some cases. however, con pick with usly missing from the -- conspicuously missing from the report, how the tax agency came to target the groups. specifically who ordered who to do all of this. this as the fbi launch as criminal investigation into the
called for the immediate resignation of acting i.r.s. commissioner steven miller in light of the i.r.s.'s admission that it targeted conservative groups for inappropriate scrutiny. while i was willing to give mr. miller and other i.r.s. officials the benefit of the doubt until the facts were in, the treasury inspector general report released on tuesday has erased any doubts as to the severity of the misconduct and blatant incompetence in dealing with it at the highest levels of the i.r.s. i'm pleased that president obama chose to heed the call that i made and others as well by dismissing mr. miller last nig night. this is a necessary step but only a first step toward restoring the credibility and the integrity of the i.r.s. this scandal is much larger than any one official within the i.r.s. any government official who knew about the misconduct within the i.r.s. and decided not to make this information public should be held accountable. no american taxpayer should ever have to worry that a group they belong to or a view that they espouse will subject them to less favorable tax treat
at the internal revenue service. it may do little to satisfy critics. president obama called the irs targeting of conservative groups inexcusable. nancy cordes joins us from capitol hill. >> the white house was under pressure to take action fast and show they were taking the situation seriously. so the president met with the treasury secretary and then announced that the head of the irs had been fired. shortly after being fired, the acting commissioner of the irs returned to his home in suburban washington. steven miller 25-year agency veteran had no comment for cameras, but in an international e-mail to irs employees, he wrote, i believe the service will benefit from having a new acting commissioner in place during this challenging period." >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: president obama agreed, and called it the first of several steps needed to restore the public's trust in the irs. a treasury department investigation found the agency had used inappropriate criteria to single out conservative groups with names like tea party, 9-12. >> i hadwill not tolerate
make it a great weekend. >> harris: this is the fox report. tonight, the irs scandal, conservative groups targeted. now the agency's outgoing boss finds out what it is like to get grilled. who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. >> this is wrong to abuse the tax system. why did you mislead congress and the american people. >> did i not mislead congress and the american people. >> how did you miss lead this committee. >> i did not mislead the committee. >> did the committee have a right to know yes or no? >> i answered all questions truth. >> harris: tonight, his explanation for what went wrong and why lawmakers say resignations are just not enough o.j. simpson wants out of prison, but his former lawyer isn't helping his case. >> he never told me of a plan. >> did you ever tell him that it was within his legal rights to go take his property back? >> no. >> harris: and what he says o.j. admitted about the guns that helped put him behind bars. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. cheers broke out on capitol hill today
. the irs controversy, possible overreach by the justice department in its investigation of the associated press. and the benghazi investigation. all of those scandals still rocking the white house to a certainly extent. front and center on the sunday talk shows. dan pfeiffer made the rounds this morning, he ran the gauntlet. hit all five sunday shows. stood by white house claims that they knew nothing about the irs investigation until this week. >> the secretary of the treasury was made aware just that the investigation was beginning last year but no one in the white house was aware and reporting what we actually knew. an investigation was coming to conclusion, not the results. we didn't see the report until it was released last wednesday. >> meanwhile, republican jason chaffetz continued to ramp up charges about the benghazi attacks, recovered by the white house. invoking the boston bombings. this days after the white house released 100 pages of e-mails over the benghazi attacks and its attempt to do oishz. >> this administration says they want to be open and transparent but they haven't
day with us. the i.r.s. plot to conservative no longer limited to a couple of cubicles. today more of the real story coming out. not only were superiors involved. the names of several top senators could be tied to this as well. >>steve: meanwhile president obama claims outrage after reading the i.r.s. report. but you may be outraged too when we tell you how one of his own family members got a special i.r.s. deal on our dime. brian? >>brian: victoria's secret is slamming this former angel for exposing the sometimes ugly side of the industry this morning. she's here to defend herself and we'll hear what she has to say. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i wake up every morning to "fox & friends." >>steve: good morning, paula deen. good morning, america. >>brian: yesterday you watched two press conferences back to back as if they were scheduled like it was skraoeps week. you have -- like it was sweeps week. you have jay carney and eric holder answering two explosive stories that continue to evolve. >>steve: a lot of people asked a lot of questions and jay carney didn't give many ans
. you are watching msnbc. >>> the ben plaza guy won't go awake the irs targeted conservative groups, it is not clear whether the workers were malicious or lazy, but politically, one thing is for certain, it has been arguably the worst week ever for the obama administration. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. i answered the questions as they were asked. >> you didn't mention targeting based on ideology. you didn't mention targeting based on buzzwords like tea party or patriots or 912. you knew that but didn't men that to the committee. do you not think that is a very incomplete answer? >> i answered the question truthful truthfully. >> will this serve as rallying cry for the tea party? >>> a federal investigation is now under way after two packed commuter trains in connecticut collided during friday evening's rush hour. connecticut's governor updated that situation a short time ago. we will get a live report. >>> plus, power fever. >> give back to the community. vacation, of course. >>
state of indiana, for extra scrutiny based on their political leanings. the i.r.s. must be nonpartisan. it has to be. it's not a partisan watchdog. but then why did the enforcers of our tax code target groups with applications that included the words tea party, patriots, or 9/12 project? why did it simm out applications for groups focusing on government debt or taxes or to educate the public by advocacy to quote make america is better place to live, or those who sought to educate americans about our constitution? you single out a group that is formed to better educate americans about our constitution? what, are you afraid they're going to read the thing? you target a group that wants to make america a better place to live? you're afraid they're going to succeed, by questioning the policies of this administration and perhaps suggesting a different course? this is outrageous. this targeting. and, you know, the general -- inspector general issued yesterday, these are very serious allegations and they reveal an effort to misuse government power to unfairly scrutinize those who simply disag
one where this administration is not transparent. >> the irs targeting conservative groups, benghazi. and now the justice department secretly collecting phone records of reporters. this as the president going fund-raising with justin bieber and jessica bealle. plus, a cnn exclusive. >> some photos have to tell you are chilling. >> chains, barbed wire, pulleys, alarming new photos of ariel castro's backyard. our randi kaye tracking the story from cleveland. >>> and boston strong. >> score! >> the bruins coming from behind with a stunning win. you are live in the cnn newsroom. >>> good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. we begin with a bombshell announcement out of hollywood. one rooted in dark realities and tough choices facing many american women. angelina jolie, undergone a double mastectomy to remove both breasts done as a preventative measure. jolie's mother died of breast cancer six years ago. this is a tribute to her that jolie and her brother posted on youtube. routine tests show the academy award winning actress carried a mutant gene that put her at
. but that could be a tough task. >> irs targeting anybody is very, very wrong. >> reporter: across the country, there is public frustration over the three controversies that rocked washington this week. >> my feeling is that it's nixonian. >> it is just not what america was founded on. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama testing the weather before he hit the links today, but he's still in damage control mode, trying to pivot back to a safer topic, the economy. >> too often, our politics aren't focused on the same things you are. working hard, supporting your family and supporting your community. making sure your kids have every chance in life. >> reporter: but republicans are digging in, aiming to broaden the scope of the irs investigation. >> if we've learned anything this week it's that the irs needs less power, not more. >> reporter: may arguably be the president's worst week to date. it reached a pinnacle friday when outgoing irs acting commissioner steven miller apologized for not revealing for a year that tea party and other conservative groups applying for tax exempt status
admission adding to the growing fallout over irs's admitted targeting of conservative groups. new congressional testimony revealing that members of the obama administration may have known about the inappropriate auditing as early as june of last year, which is during the 2012 election season. hello, everybody. i'm arthel neville. good to see you. welcome to a brand-new hour of inside america's news headquarters and glad to have you here. >> it is. i'm gregg jarrett in for rick folbaum. the new developments coming as we learn that an irs official in charge of the time responsible for the agency's implementation of the president's health care law. medical is live in washington with more. hi. molly. >> hi. republicans are raising questions about sarah hall ingram, who is now in charge of the irs's obamacare division. but she has been the head of the tax exempt office, while some of this targeting of conservative groups was going on. now that she'll lead the irs and monitoring everybody's health insurance and the new taxes and the new fines associated with obamacare, some on the gop a
the battery system caused fire. wednesday, focus in washington on the irs. the irs scandal investigation continues. former commissioner of the irs will testify before the house oversight committee. he was in charge during most of the period that agents were allegedly targeting conservative groups. >>> let's move ahead to thursday. big focus on thursday will be the boy scouts. they're expected to make a decision on whether or not to allow openly gay members. about 1,400 members will make their votes at the annual meeting. that will take place in texas. let's move along to saturday. on saturday, a treat for some college students at bard college. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband will give their commencement address to those students. gifford will receive an honorary doctorate of humane letters. here's what's coming up. the calendar is just as packed this week in the world of politics, as it usually is. let's bring in paul steinhauser what to look at this week. >> good morning, poppy. more to 13 flirtations from rand paul. tomorrow he headlines a gop dinner in new hamp
hour. we are live at the scene. >>> more fallout from the irs controversy, calls for criminal charges and prison time. >>> gun fire, chaos and a brazen jewel heist. what seems like something right out of the movies is playing out in real life at the cannes film festival. >>> if you haven't bought your powerball ticket left you still have time to formulate the winning strategy for the $600 million prize tonight. >>> hello, everyone. it is high noon in the east and welcome to "weekends with alex witt." investigators are on the scene of the commuter train collision an hour outside of new york city. about 700 passengers jarred when the metro north trains derailed and collided in connecticut. as many as 60 people injured, at least five of them critically. michelle franzen has the latest from bridgeport, connecticut. michelle, first up, what happened here? >> reporter: during the height of the commute as you mentioned those two trains packed with 301 train that was going eastbound and another that was westbound carrying another 400 passengers. what the ntsb has indicated in their preliminar
in granbury in 2004, and, in cleburne, just three years ago. >> axelrod: thank you, anna. now, to the i.r.s. scandal. there are new questions tonight ndal,rning if anyone in the white house was aware of the targeting of conservative groups. more congressional hearings are grouduled for next week. here's margaret brennan with the 's mst. >> reporter: inspector general pectell george said he informed a deputy at the treasury a department in june of 2012 about the probe into the i.r.s. targeting of conservative political groups. >> did you find any evidence of political motivation in the selection of the tax exemption applications? >> we did not, sir. >> reporter: the treasury department confirmed the timeline but said they did not know the details of the uvestigation until last week. it's the first evidence that someone within the obama administration knew about the practice during the presidential campaign. isis unknown whether anyone in the white house was told of the federal investigation. republican congressman aaron schock serves on the house ways and means committee, which sversees the
to the viewers in the west. friday, may 17, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the irs scandal heads to capitol hi hill. >>> the search continues for survivors in texas where deadly tornado hit 200 miles an hour. >>> one of the greatest names in soccer, kicking his career good-bye. the retirement of david backham. >> but a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the irs, too large, too powerful, to intrusive and abusive of honest hard working taxpayers. >> the former commissioner. >> tough questions about the agency's targeting of conservative groups. >> i want to apologize for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >> man meanwhile, president obama has fulfilled the job of the acting irs commissioner. >> 16 tornadoes confirmed touched down. >> six people killed, seven missing. >> i have seen it in movies and news and stuff, but never happened. >>> another army officer relieved of his duties as manager of a sexual assault prevention program. >> this amid a series of high-profile cases of alleged sexual abuse. >> shameful and dangerous to our national security. >
, 2013. welcome to cbs this morning. the irs scandal turns into a criminal probe and a new report finds liberal groups were given a green light while conservatives were left in limbo. >> new developments in russia. allegations that another american was spying. >>> and major changes could be coming to the dui laws. the plan that redefines drunk driving. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> at no point did anyone at the irs think it appropriate to set the record straight. there is no single agency that has the power the irs has. they can destroy people. >> the fbi launches a criminal investigation in the irs scandal. >> the treasury inspector general's report says ineffective management allowed agents to improperly scrutinize tea party groups. >> president obama calls the findings intolerable and inexcusable. >> why didn't you tell the truth when you were asked directly by congress? >> we'll talk on friday, guys. >>> yet another military officer is accused of sexual assault crimes. >> in fort hood a sergeant first class under investigat
in connecticut straight ahead. >> plus, a heated hearing on the irs scandal. who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. i'm willing to try to find that out. >> the outgoing irs chief refuses to name names. why can't the administration find knows who are to blame for targeting the president's political enemies. that's coming up. >> they always say a bird in the hand is worth something. well, take a look at this video. >> get a mike. >> oh my god. [ laughter ] >> come on. that guy is my hero. a bird caught bear handed with the pastor with the golden grip. he joins us live. >> i like his response. >> i got this bird. >> "fox & friends" hour one starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, again, everyone. we the want to start with the fox news alert. it was a chaotic scene on the rails two. trains packed with commuters coming home on a friday night. collided right on the track in connecticut during last night's evening rush hour. 60 people were taken to the hospital and at least five this morning have critical injuries. >> pictures you are looking
of one family's survival in a neighborhood swept off the map. the irs scandal, the white house gets grilled over who knew what about targeting conservative groups. share il attkisson reports. this store in florida sold the ticket for the biggest single payout in u.s. lottery history. and the civil rights legacy of medgar evers, randall pinkston shares the very personal history of howevers helped integrate tv news in mississippi making room for african-american reporters like him. >> more blacks are registered to vote now than ever before in mississippi's history. > captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening, i'm jim axelrod, jeff glor is off tonight. from oklahoma city to minneapolis severe weather is threatening the nation's midsection tonight there are tornado warnings up in kansas and iowa, oklahoma and missouri could also be hard hit. forecasters say a supercell of thunderstorms packing baseball sized hail, heavy rain and tornadoes could do a lot of damage. already a tornado has touched down this afternoon in edmund, oklahoma, a
." tonight, hot seat. the irs finally tries to explain itself. hammered. singling out conservative groups. >> you would have been fired on the spot. >> i'm sick to my stomach. >> our jonathan karl tonight on whether their answers add up. >>> record jackpot. the biggest powerball of all time. tonight, the mad dash. and have we found the luckiest store in the country, where big winners are born? >>> to catch a thief. a big jewelry heist in the most glamorous place on earth tonight. is there a master thief prowling the red carpet? >>> and, our "person of the week." >> and action! >> the new king of hollywood's biggest stories, from "star trek" to "star wars." and the tiny thing he bought as a child he says is the secret to his success. >>> good evening. tonight, finally, the irs tries to explain itself. and it comes after a week of scandal and mounting questions about fairness and singling out conservatives. so, what is their answer to the american public? and what about the blast of outrage they had to face today? abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tells us. >> reporter: co
and the outgoing irs commissioner under fire. in his weekly address, president obama tried to shift focus away from the mounting controversies and back to the economy. >> more than anything, the american people make me optimistic about where we're headed at a nation. >> reporter: nothing could overshadow the fireworks on capitol hill friday. when acting irs commissioner steven miller, who tendered his resignation earlier this week, testified. >> we centralized cases based on political activity. >> reporter: he apologized that groups had been targeted for extra scrutiny. the tactic was a foolish mistake, miller said, but not a case of politics. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. i answered the questions as they were asked. >> reporter: this after the white house trying to tamp down criticism over the response to the benghazi attack, released 100 pages of e-mails and notes on wednesday. and the president came under fire this week for the justice department's widely criticized seizure of journalist phone
it and as always, read the fine print. julie watts, kpix 5. >>> coming up in our next half hour, the ousted irs chairman scolded by congress. >> this is a problem that the irs is too large, too powerful, too intrusive, and too abusive of honest hard working taxpayers. >> how the outgoing head of the agency answered accusations of political bias and deception. >>> breaking news out of connecticut. lots of injuries are reported after two commuter trains collide. >> traffic stop is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> if you drive too fast, what's the chance you'll get a ticket? the bay area cities where you're most and least likely to get nabbed for speeding. ,,,,,, ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. now at 6:30: he said he's sorry. but the >>> as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the irs, for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >> now at 6:30, he said he is
the resignation of acting i.r.s. commissioner miller. i had called for this resignation on monday when we learned thatler signed his name to one, if not more, letters that we now know couldn't possibly have been truthful, couldn't possibly have been truthful. but let's be clear. this symbolic step was just that, symbolic. what americans want right now are answers about what happened at i.r.s., why it wasn't disclosed earlier, who was ultimately accountable for this behavior, and assurances that this kind of thing isn't going to go on at the i.r.s. or anywhere else in the federal government. because the allegations of ideological targeting only continue to multiply. they're continuing to multiply. this morning i'd like to focus on just one of those incidents. it's the case of a group called the national organization for marriage. last may senator hatch, a top republican on the finance committee, sent a letter to the i.r.s. quirin inquiring about rs that someone -- someone -- at the i.r.s. had leaked confidential donor information from t national organization for marriage to an advocacy group whose
this week stack up for a president? our lisa desjardins takes a look. >> reporter: the irs, benghazi, the ap phone records, you know it's been a bad week when you get this question. >> how do you feel about comparisens by some of your critics of this week's scandals to those that happened under the nixon administration? >> reporter: in historic terms, how bad of a week was this? >> it was a bad week for obama. >> reporter: we asked historian alan nicken in hman how the pres problems compare, as bad as watergate? >> i did not take part in or knew about the subsequent cover-up activity. >> reporter: iran/contra. >> an old saying nothing spreads so quickly as a rumor. >> reporter: how about monica lewinsky? >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: okay. so obviously there have been plenty of presidential scandals in the past. you already knew that. let's get past this 101 and dig a little deeper. it is rare, but president obama is not the only president to have faced tr more scandals at once. >> late in his term, truman had a quadruple whammy affecting him. he had scanda
on both sides in a few moments. >>> then some are calling it worse than watergate. the irs under scrutiny. but did it have a good reason to put tea party groups under the microscope as it it did? we'll explain, next. ♪ ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play among the stars ♪ and let me see what spring is like ♪ ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words [ male announcer ] the classic is back. ♪ i love [ male announcer ] the all-new chevrolet impala. chevrolet. find new roads. ♪ you ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents, for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma, or can not empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away if your face, lips, throat or tongue swell
in health care. now you have all these federal agencies. who is at the top? the i.r.s. the i.r.s. is the enforcement arm of obamacare. of course just in the last few days we have seen the corruption at the i.r.s. where they have literally gone and picked winners and losers, picked partisan fights and literally tried to enforce the obama administration's will, punishing the enemies of the obama administration. this is not the agency that should be running health care. we need to repeal this law and fix the real problems in health care. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i'm pleased to yield two minutes to the gentlelady from new york, mrs. maloney. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york, mrs. maloney, is recognized for two minutes. mrs. maloney: i thank the gentlelady for yielding and extraordinary leadership. i rise, mr. speaker, today in opposition to the patient's rights repeal act and opposition to the rule. mr. speaker, at a time when the american peopl
. >>> the fbi is going to investigate the irs stemming from a watchdog report that the agency deliberately targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny. president obama says it's intolerable and inexcusable. in few hours attorney general eric holder will face questions from congress about this and mo more. brianna keilar is following this for us. >> reporter: last night after reading this report from the inspector general that oversees the irs, president obama put a statement out, the white house put out a statement from him where he said the irs must apply the law in a fire and impartial way. he said the report shows the agency failed that test and he said he's asked his treasury secretary to hold accountable those who are responsible. the internal revenue service is facing a criminal investigation after a watchdog report found the agency targeted conservative groups starting in 2010. the agency's inspector general found the irs used inappropriate criteria that identified for review tea party and other organizations applying for tax exempt status based upon their names or policy positi
to the irs scandal to the doj seizure of phone records from some journalists at the associated press. it puts the president, his administration in a tight spot. forced him to do a lot of explaining.>> misconduct that u inexcusable. it is inexcusable and americans have a right to be angry about it and i'm angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior. >> we hold accountable those who have taken these outrageous actions. people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. i'll do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again. i think we're going to be able to figure out exactly what happened, who was involved, what went wrong, and we're going to be able to implement steps to fix it. i've got no patience with it. i will not tolerate it and we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> well, for each of those public statements there is a host of activity going on behind the scenes. so let me bring in jack quinn, he was white house counsel during the clinton years, a former chief of staff for vice president al gore. thank you for join
but three are in critical condition right now. >>> number two, the outgoing head of the irs insists his agency was not playing politics when it allegedly targeted conservative groups applying for non-profit status. steve miller told members of congress friday that giving those applicants extra scrutiny was a "mistake." he said irs employees were just trying to be more efficient in handling what he called a crush of applications after the supreme court's citizens united decision on campaign spending. miller also denied misleading congress about the problem. >>> number three, a louisiana woman is headed to prison for nearly five years after impersonating a federal safety official following the 2010 deepwater horizon oil deal. connie knight was busted after posting fraudulent hazardous safety training after the spill. she was sentenced to 57 months and ordered to pay more than $25,000 in fines. >>> four, a volcano is shooting ash and steam and gas thousands of feet into the air. look at this, the pavlov volcano is one of alaska's most active, started erupting monday. authorities have issue
baucus says he's going to look into the irs targeting conservative political groups which could add to a growing number of panels. on friday the irs apologized for statute nicing the tax-exempt status of groups with titles like tea party or patriot. these actions by the irs are an outrageous abuse of power and a preach of the public's trust. targeting groups based on their political views is not only inappropriate, but it is intolerable. the senate gavels in at 2 eastern beginning with general speeches. at 5 they'll return to debate on the army corps of engineers' water projects. senators are going through amendments to the bill. we'll have live coverage here on c-span2. and at 3:00 eastern on our companion network, c-span, we'll be live with a senate confirmation hearing on president obama's pick for deputy director of the white house budget office, brian deese he'll respond to questions from the homeland security and governmental affairs committee. >> we're a brand new start-up company with one mission, and that's to protect distracted driving accidents that are caused by cell pho
all around on the white house e-mails on benghazi, the president's statement on the irs and a crucial moment on the joiy arias trial, we still told about o.j. the first time we heard him speak publicly in years. >> that's what i told everybody involved that if they don't give it to me, i am going to get the police in it. >> request would we take such an interest in a puffy, shackled 65-year-old o.j. simpson. michael o'keefe says it's the o.j. story that pulls us in. >> we are drawn to o.j. because he has been in the public eye for four years now. we have seen a spectacular rise and a fall in his life. >> america took notice of simpson when he played in the nfl, and then simpson became the first running back to gain 2,000 yards in a season, and several all-pro years followed, and then he became david beckham before david beckham. >> rent a ford fast from hertz. >> he crossed seamlessly into hollywood with movies like "the intowering furno". on screens big and small as an actor and pitch man and network football analysts, o.j. simpson, observers say had a charm and a smile and the next
much for watching >>> the irs scandal now a criminal investigation, and the president promising punishment for anyone at the agency who targeted conservatives. >>> newly releaed tonight, 911 calls in the murder of laila fowler, and her stepmother doesn't even mention the little girl was hurt in that call. >>> pandering, sexual conduct, assault -- can sshocking allega rattling the army's ft. hood. >> good morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. >>> an army sergeant assigned to a sexual assault prevention program at ft. hood, texas, accused of sexual assault himself. this latest scandal apparently involves prostitution. the unknown soldier is under investigation for pandering, abusive contact, assault, and maltreatment of subordinates. officials told barbara starr the official faces serious consequences. >> reporter: the cid now investigating the allegations against him. so this suggests very strongly a potential criminal case. >> the unnamed sergeant first class remains suspended from all duties this morning. now we're going to move to a startling statement. there
closes down a station near their school on graduation day. >> administration under fire,ir, the president's critics take to sunday morning talk shows as the white house tries to distance itself from ra treehouse tre scandal. >> did you rup your powerball ticket up when you got your news. we'll tell you where the winninn ticket was sold. >>> we gun with the wet drearyry weather we've experience for most of today filled with pocks of drizzle and gray skies. while the sun made an appearance, more rain could belb on the way. we're in the weather center with the first look at the forecast. >> we dodged the bullet today. we didn't get the super soaker sunday because the franl system kind of just eased its way through. let's take a look at the maps and we'll show you what we're w talking about. lots of clouds as you can see. take a look to the south becausb that's where we're seeing prescription that will make its way towards us. there's a lot of activity goingg on in terms of the country because a lot of systems, youtes see the red outline, that's where there are tornado warnings across the mid
. >> stim ahead on abc 7 news 4:00 ousted head of the irs gets grilled on capitol hill today. his response to the latest scandal. >> also an uproar in canada. accusations against toronto's mayor. >> and michelle obama's message to young african americans. plus... >>> there is a serious case of lottery fever just about everywhere. >> i've got the fever, i want that money. power ball jackpot ballooned to $600 million, making it the world's second largest lottery prize and megamillions up to $190 million. i want you to do the math on this. >> this is just ridiculous. chances of winning both is one in 30 quadrillion. you can see there, 15 zeroes and not likely. leanne? >> i hope you can hear me now. this is considered the luckiest lotto store ever because there are four big winners over the years and its been like this all day. two lines because yes, you have megamillions. the prize swelled to $600 million that is a lump sum of $376.9 million. yes, i'll take it. well, the reason why it's so big there is so much money is because no one won on wednesday. and there are a lot of people playing. >>
of behavior. >> president obama announces the head of the irs is out of a job as the white house tries to calm a growing storm. >>> and "today" exclusive, wave robson, former michael jackson protege and once his chief defender now claiming the pop star molested him as a child. why is he changing his story today, thursday, may 16th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a thursday morning, i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. and we're following this breaking news out of texas this morning. daylight is now revealing the full extent of the damage caused by a string of powerful tornadoes. >> we're told the hardest hit city granbury is 70 miles west of dallas and rescue crews have worked through the night there going home to home searching for more possible victims. >> obviously the story is still developing. let me get right to nbc's charles hadlock. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. many residents said they heard the warnings, but nev
rating was at 51%, up two points. president is trying to change the focus from the irs, benghazi and associated press scandals and trying to shift the focus back to the economy. listen to what the president had to say this morning during his commencement address at morehouse college in atlanta. >> my job as president is to advocate for policies that jaen rate more opportunity for everybody, policies that strengthen the middle class and give more people the chance to climb their way into the middle class. policies that create more good jobs and reduce poverty and educate more children and give more families the security of health care and protect more of our children from the who are roars of gun violence. that's my job. >> so can the president regain control of the agenda talking about jobs and health care? candy crowley is anchor of "the state of the union." >> when it came out on the news a week ago friday i think -- here's why. because here's the cardinal rule when you deal with situations like these, for all white houses -- you do not interfere in an independent investigation
the irs, benghazi, ap, all of that? we'll take a closer look. we'll also take a look at some of the high profile trials including that of o.j. simpson, the robbery and kidnapping and conviction. he is now trying to get a new trial. we'll take you back to that las vegas hotel room where it all started. and today, graduation day, students at creighton university remember the professor and his wife killed this week. ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at ducktherapy.com. >>> i know it seems that folks down there are more concerned with your jobs than yours. others may get
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